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If you have a smile that’s stained by time, or the use of tobacco or coffee in excess amounts, then you’ve likely looked for a solution to whiten your smile. The abundance of options for whitening, though, can make choosing the right procedure overwhelming.

So let’s look at what Dr. Wendy McCurdy recommends you do to whiten your smile.

In-office whitening

The quickest and effective way to whiten your teeth is to use the services offered here at Smile Time Family Dentistry in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Letting a professional whiten your teeth gives you access to whitening solutions that are far more powerful than what’s available over-the-counter. Dr. Wendy McCurdy can also apply the whitening gels in such a way that your gums won’t become irritated. It’s easy to let the gel spill out of the take-home whitening trays, and when it gets on your gums it can cause serious irritation.

Your teeth also whiten faster when you visit a dentist’s office than at home. If your smile isn’t deeply stained, you can conceivably walk out of the office with a white smile in just a single appointment.

Over-the-counter whitening

You can also whiten your smile with products bought over-the-counter. These products include whitening trays and strips. They do take longer than in-office whitening, and aren’t as effective if your teeth are deeply stained.

If you think in-office whitening is the solution to get your smile looking great again, then give us a call at 601-583-2000 to schedule an appointment.