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Many dental issues can result in compromised teeth, including gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities, resulting in the loss of multiple teeth over time. This can alter the appearance and function of your smile, and affecting your quality of life and confidence. To help you enjoy the full function of your mouth and the smile you want, we may recommend dentures.

Our dentist, Dr. Wendy McCurdy will first complete an oral exam and determine if any remaining teeth need to be removed before continuing the process of creating dentures. Dentures are removable dental appliances created to perform the function of your original smile and restore its appearance.

Following the oral exam, we create an impression of your gums and send it to a dental lab to have your dentures custom created. With the new dentures ready, you will return to the office for a fitting so that you and Dr. Wendy McCurdy can approve the look and feel of your appliance. We will also provide thorough denture care instructions to help you care for your dentures and become accustomed to their presence in your mouth.

To learn more about the process and benefits of receiving dentures in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, call 601-583-2000 today and arrange a consultation with our dentist at Smile Time Family Dentistry.