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Your chances of suffering from gum disease certainly increase with age, as well as certain lifestyle choices and medical conditions. However, the primary cause of periodontal inflammation and infection still remains the buildup of tartar near the gumline.

This is often a product of poor oral hygiene practices or an inconsistent daily oral hygiene routine. People who put off having a routine dental exam and cleaning performed twice each year by a dentist like Dr. Wendy McCurdy are at increased risk of suffering from the gum inflammation of gingivitis.

This can cause the gums to bleed easily during brushing, and flossing, as well as chronic bad breath. With early detection, a thorough dental cleaning at Dr. Wendy McCurdy’s clinic can remediate the presence of hardened tartar to reduce inflammation in the periodontal tissues.

At that point, improved oral hygiene practices can often remediate gingivitis before it has a chance to worsen into the severe gum infection of periodontitis.

If this severe form of periodontal infection does develop the presence deep in your gum tissues can cause them to recede from the base of your teeth. This can cause pockets of infection to form deep within your gums near the base of your teeth. In time, it can even cause a loss of structure in the bones that anchor your teeth.

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