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A healthy meal can leave you with a sense of satisfaction and will make your body stronger. At Smile Time Family Dentistry, we emphasize the importance of healthy eating and want to help you keep your diet balanced. Eating right doesn’t only help boost your brain power, immune system, and overall strength; it also improves your oral health. Vitamins in various foods are great for building tooth strength.

When thinking about your diet, it is important to follow some guidelines. A balanced diet consists of many vegetables and grains. The closer to their natural state they are, the better they are for you; for instance, grains give you more energy before they are refined and vegetables have more vitamins before they are boiled or cooked. Fruit and protein-based foods are next in line for their importance in your diet. Fruit provides sugars that power your brain and give you short bursts of energy. Protein-based foods such as meats, beans, and other protein-rich foods provide your muscles with power and strength. Dairy is another good choice since it is a great source of protein, and calcium, and other vitamins.

There are foods that are specifically beneficent to your dental health. These include crunchy and watery fruits and veggies like celery, carrots, and apples; dairy products such as yogurt and cheese; and walnuts.

Most foods with refined sugars are not good for your body or teeth. This includes soda, coffee, candy, desserts, and white bread, among other things. You should try and minimize your consumption of items. If, when you do eat them, brush your teeth, or rinse out your mouth afterward to reduce plaque build-up.

We care about your health at Smile Time Family Dentistry and Dr. Wendy McCurdy wants to help you succeed. We can make sure your mouth stays healthy and ready to eat whatever foods come its way. To make an appointment for a checkup or anything else, you can contact our office in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, by calling 601-583-2000.