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If you have diabetes, it is a good idea to make your dentist a part of your health team. Not only should you tells us about your diabetes when you come in for your first appointment, but we can also help you to deal with some of the complications.

If you live with diabetes, you are at a higher risk for gum disease. If you aren’t controlling your glucose levels, your gum disease could get worse. In fact, gum disease can have a role in increasing your blood sugar level. Higher blood sugar levels can mean that more plaque will build up in your mouth. In addition to gum disease, you could be at a greater risk for cavities.

If you are taking medication, you should know that some types of diabetes medication can increase your risk for dry mouth. Since saliva is so important in keeping your mouth clean, you should tell us what medications you are taking and if you are experiencing dry mouth, so that we can take steps to address it. Treating dry mouth can help reduce bacteria and plaque, and can reduce your chances of developing thrush, which is a fungal infection in your mouth.

Because of the links between diabetes and oral health, it is important that you commit to brushing twice a day, flossing at least once a day, and to regular visits to our office for cleanings and exams.

Our dentist, Dr. Wendy McCurdy and the staff at Smile Time Family Dentistry in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, understand that people living with diabetes have special needs when it comes to dental care. They want to partner with you to give you the best smile you can have.

If you have questions about diabetes and oral health, or if you would just like to schedule an appointment for a cleaning, exam or other procedure, call our office today at 601-583-2000. We look forward to meeting you!