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Are you ready for a tooth whitening system? Do you wish your teeth to be whiter and brighter than ever? If so, there are a variety of teeth whitening systems that could be right for you. They include professional treatments administered by dentists, take away products given by your dentist for at-home use, and the most common and ever-growing method of over-the-counter products sold in a variety of looks and styles at your local stores.

The safest and highest quality tooth whitening treatment is generally considered to be in-office treatments professionally managed by our dentist. In many cases, you can advance the color of your teeth by up to 10 full shades in as little as one visit. They are also much safer than over-the-counter products, which have an amplified risk of damage to your gums and tooth enamel. In-office whitening trays can be changed to fit your teeth for the best holds and most effective treatments.

When an in-office visit is not always needed or available, a dentist can prescribe an at-home treatment system to use. Although the products given by a professional are safer than store-bought products, it’s important to always adhere to the instructions and advice of your dentist to minimize any risks that can come from improper use of the product.

Over-the-counter products can be bought across the nation, either online or at a variety of stores. The market is flooded with a profusion of products, some that work and some that do not. Always speak with your dentist before using any tooth whitening product to avoid perils from bad products that could damage your gums and tooth enamel.

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