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It’s important for people who have lost their teeth to seek out replacements. That’s why we at Smile Time Family Dentistry in Hattiesburg, Mississippi would like to talk with you about some of our restorative treatments. We have dental implants and dentures and will help you find out which the right treatment for you.


Implants are the popular choice for those who’ve lost teeth. The main benefits of implants are that they look, function, and feel just like your natural teeth. Besides yourself, the only person to be able to tell the difference will be your dentist.

Implants, however, aren’t for everyone. They require you have healthy gums and jaws in order to offer the support required for dental implants. If gum disease or other factors have negatively impacted the well-being of your jaw and gums, dentures will be the better choice.


Dentures often get a bad reputation. However, they are a great way to replace missing teeth. While wearing a pair of dentures takes time to get used to, they will negate any side effects due to tooth loss and also will restore your smile.

Caring for your dentures requires more maintenance than implants, but not much more than your normal routine.

When it comes to dental restoration there is no wrong choice. It’s about which treatment will serve you best in the long term. For any questions or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wendy McCurdy, contact us today at 601-583-2000.